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Calendar Icon June 15, 2019
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By Ciitizen

Since I became the Chief Regulatory Officer at Ciitizen, I’ve been posting a lot on our blog, The Voice of Ciitizens.

It’s been a great platform that helped put Ciitizen on the map for many people, but now we’ve moved my voice here — to a bigger stage — with one main goal: to help patients get their health records.

This has always been my passion — helping patients exercise their right under HIPAA to obtain copies of their medical records. It’s what brought me to Ciitizen. And at Ciitizen, I have seen first-hand, while helping our users exercise their HIPAA Right of Access to get their medical records, that the struggle is all too real.

There is so much work to do to make the HIPAA Right of Access a reality.

Patients have their health at stake, particularly those with serious illnesses who need their data quickly to help find the best possible treatment options.

We are committed to taking bold steps to effect change.

We have a plan of action to help health care providers nationwide become fully compliant with the patient’s HIPAA Right of Access and therefore, making it easier for patients to access their records.

This plan — our work to create change — is what you can expect to read about right here. I will also continue to write about the struggles that patients face in getting their health information — the bad, the ugly, but also some of the good (there’s hope out there, people!).

I’ll also keep busting myths about the HIPAA Right of Access — yes, patients do have the right to receive their records by unencrypted e-mail. And of course, I will write about all things related to patient’s accessing health records and will share other points of view with guest contributors.

I’ve been moving a lot lately — a personal move from Washington, DC to Mountain View, CA, to start working at Ciitizen, and recently another personal move from Mountain View to the big city — San Francisco!, with lots of office moves in between (sigh, start-up life).

And so it seems fit that my writing life is moving, too — from the confines of ciitizen.com to Medium — where I’m joining thousands of writers on so many interesting topics.

All of Ciitizen’s prior posts will be migrated here and can all still be viewed on The Voice of Ciitizens page. Please make sure to visit that page to see my upcoming speaking events.

I’m happy to be in my new editorial home. But no need to send a housewarming gift — just sign up to get the updates. -Deven McGraw

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