Now More Than Ever

Calendar Icon April 16, 2020
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By Ciitizen

Dear Ciitizens, 

In these unprecedented and challenging times of COVID19, we understand that many of you feel uniquely vulnerable based on your current cancer treatments or history of cancer. With many cancer surgeries, treatments, and clinical trials impacted or postponed due to the virus, we understand that the cancer community needs our help and support more than ever and want to assure you that Ciitizen continues to work for you – to collect your records, organize your health data, and push forward cancer research as our way of helping all of our patients navigate these difficult challenges.

When my sister Tania was first diagnosed with metastatic disease in the Spring of 2015, our world was turned upside down. Exploring second opinions and treatment options was hard enough; not knowing if we were doing all that we could was frustrating. We empathize with those trying to navigate the same during this global pandemic and we are fully committed to staying the course for you during this time. 

In the face of uncertainty, we cannot afford to rest. The situation is unfortunate, but it has only sharpened our resolve, and we are only working harder and faster in our fight. 

We are still here for you. We are fighting for you. We are working relentlessly on your behalf, now more than ever. 

On behalf of the Ciitizen family,

Anil Sethi

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