Patients struggle with gaining access to their own health data.
Data critical for continuity of care, second opinions, and clinical trial matching.

We’ve found that almost 80% of healthcare providers do not comply with a patient’s HIPAA right of access to their health data. If you are a patient - or are one of the many working to help patients access their data - use #myhealthmydata to share your experiences. Or allow us to tell your story.

Let’s change this. Together.

Are you an advocacy group?

We request health records on behalf of patients. Would you like us to help your patients get access to their health records?

Are you a privacy officer?

We have been contacting your medical records departments. Are you interested in what our experience has been?

Are you a policymaker?

We are commenting on the HIPAA RFI to improve patient data access. Would you like to connect with our Chief Regulatory Officer?

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