How Do You Find Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Right for You?

Calendar Icon March 20, 2021
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By Ciitizen

When someone is dealing with a rare disease with not much scientific data to back a specific treatment, they should have knowledge of any clinical trials related to that disease. For breast cancer, clinical trials can significantly contribute to helping doctors find a suitable treatment for patients.

Clinical trials are research experiments conducted on patients to evaluate a new medical drug, device, or procedure in hopes of it being a more effective and feasible treatment. Trials have significant importance in the medical field because their impact has led to enormous advances in treatments relating to many cancers. They provide relevant information regarding diagnostics, prevention, detection, and better treatments of diseases, which can even help patients in the future.

Clinical trials also help in formulating vital conclusions for doctors and other researchers, like determining the relation between age, family history, and obesity with breast cancer recurrence.

However, there are strict eligibility criteria for clinical trials, and not everyone with the same disease might qualify for them. The criteria for cancer treatments often require you to have only a specific type, stage, and grade of cancer. Submitting all other basic information, like age, sex, genetic profile, and family history, is also necessary.

Before proceeding, each patient is informed of the potential risks and benefits of the clinical trial, and after which, all patients are required to fill out a consensual form, where they declare their consent to participate in the clinical trial.

Submitting your full medical record matters a great deal in conducting clinical trials because it helps the doctors and researchers in many ways. If you can’t provide your complete case history, including all your physicians’ progress notes, nurses’ notes, and relevant charts, there may be too much uncertainty regarding the new treatment’s effectiveness on you. Exclusion from the clinical trial may occur if any complications are found in the medical record.

Breast cancer clinical trials are extremely specific in nature due to their strict eligibility criteria. The large number of breast cancer types, presence of breast cancer metastatic tumors, and locations of growths, along with their varying treatments, also account for their specificity. Even two patients with the same cancer type can have different treatment plans based on suitability.

Regarding requirements, you need to have all the necessary tests and scans done as per the advice of your oncologist or physician. You should have all base-line and other test reports, preferably in digital form so they can be emailed easily. You should also get second and third opinions. Important links of all MRI scans, CT scans, and other reports should be attached. All the diagnostic data should be in a uniform, organized, and standardized form.

Now the question is: “How do you find breast cancer clinical trials right for you?” To answer this, you need to be well informed of the type of cancer that you have. After that, you need to properly research the appropriate clinical trials for you. Gathering details from the internet and cancer research centers is recommended. Reaching out to your personal oncologist or cancer experts can also be helpful. Receiving virtual health care from relevant doctors, similar to how patients receive care during the COVID-19 pandemic, may also be possible. Being aware of everything regarding the trial beforehand is key. Don’t hesitate to ask anything! You will eventually discover the answer to, “How do you find breast cancer clinical trials right for you?”

Finding the right breast cancer clinical trials can be challenging, with much hassle involved in the process. Gathering records and documents is at the top of the list because it is fairly time-consuming and requires a great deal of patience. Many patients have to wait for extended periods of time to get their records, so it is better to request them after every visit. You should have a standardized form of all your records, such as putting them in PDF format. This is where Ciitizen comes in. Ciitizen is a revolutionary digital platform that makes the tasks of sharing, accessing, and organizing medical data tremendously easy.

Ciitizen is a game-changer when it comes to the question of, “How do you find breast cancer clinical trials right for you?”

Ciitizen serves breast cancer patients by saving their diagnostic data and medical records in a convenient digital form, making it extremely easy for patients to find and access the clinical trials appropriate for them. Additionally, Ciitizen also finds suitable personalized treatments, gets second opinions, and coordinates with caregivers, while contributing to the medical field in the process.

Finding the right clinical trials for cancer patients is an essential service provided by Ciitizen absolutely free of cost. Every year, hundreds of cancer patients lose their lives because of their inability to find the right clinical trials or due to unorganized medical records, and Ciitizen aims to fill that void.

Ciitizen is a free service that helps patients get more out of their health records. Our platform enables patients to find better treatment options and gives them the opportunity to advance the research for cures. Ready to control all of your medical records in one place? Sign up today in less than 5 minutes!

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