Giving Thanks

Calendar Icon November 20, 2018
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By Ciitizen

From the entire team at Ciitizen, we’re grateful for the tremendous encouragement we’ve received thus far in our mission to help patients control their health data.

The outpour of feedback from doctors, health professionals, patients, and patient advocates thus far has been humbling, and each day we continue to make progress.With the team we’ve put together and the voices who have joined us here on the blog to help spread the message, we’re confident we will provide patients more options with the work we are doing.

Passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and our momentum is the the result of a tremendous group effort. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving with family and friends this Thursday, but we’ll be back in the office next week to continue right where we left off, emboldened by all the support we are so very thankful for:

We give thanks to all of the caregivers and family members advocating on behalf of loved ones who need access to their health history.

We give thanks to all of the investors, advisors, and colleagues who believe in the future of health data portability.

And we give thanks to everyone else out there committed to helping patients control their health data. Together, we can do more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-The Ciitizen Team

Originally published at on November 20, 2018.

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