Ciitizen Supercharges Its Patient Mission by Joining Forces With Invitae

Calendar Icon September 7, 2021
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By Anil Sethi

Four years ago this month, I lost my youngest sister, Tania, to metastatic breast cancer. For those of you who’ve been following Ciitizen, you know about my promise to Tania that I would do everything in my power to help patients with cancer. So in her honor, and with the support of some dedicated investors, our employees, and some forward-thinking patient advocacy organizations and medical research partners, we created a company that puts the power of medical data in the hands of the patient.

Since starting Ciitizen, we are already making a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of patients.  We’ve connected cancer patients to potentially life-saving clinical trials, armed them with the information they need to seek second opinions, helped caregivers guide the care of their loved ones (increasingly remotely), and are powering medical research.  We have also expanded beyond cancer into rare neurological patients, populating registries of rich clinical data, and enabling families to propel faster research into these conditions.

As always, at Ciitizen we are continuously looking for ways to serve our current patients better, and to increase the number of people whom we serve with our unique, patient-powered platform.

We are excited today to announce that Ciitizen is being acquired by Invitae, an existing partner and leading precision medicine company, to further our mission of empowering patients with access to their medical data. Our team is thrilled about this next chapter and the opportunities it brings to better serve our patients. Personally, I think Tania – who even on her deathbed was thinking about what she could do for others – would be as pleased and excited about this as I am.

We remain committed to ensuring that our patients’ experience with Ciitizen will not change but only get better. Our team and I will all still be here supporting you, and, most importantly, our core value stays the same: that your data belongs to you and you get to decide how it is used and shared. Invitae, like Ciitizen, was founded upon a patient-first philosophy and is committed to helping you get the care you need while keeping your data private and secure. As always, we can only share your data with your explicit consent.

With Tania, I experienced first-hand the importance of combining her clinical, patient-reported, and genetic data in our ability to personalize her patient care. While she is no longer with us, her data, as is her wish, is advancing life-saving treatments through the many in-flight research studies powered by our community on the Ciitizen platform. This partnership with Invitae brings us closer to that shared vision for patients, caregivers, and the healthcare industry.

We are grateful for your support of Ciitizen to date and your trust in our mission. Our patients are why we do what we do, and we look forward to the new ways we will be able to help you get more out of your health records.

With gratitude,


Ciitizen user Lynette and I were recently interviewed by CBS. You can learn more about both our stories and how they represent all we’ve built at Ciitizen in this short video.

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