Ciitizen Launches Metastatic Breast Cancer Insight Study With

Calendar Icon May 7, 2020
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By Ciitizen

To help metastatic breast cancer patients understand treatment patterns and potential options for care, Ciitizen has teamed up with to launch the Metastatic Breast Cancer Insight Study, an initiative that includes patient participation directly in the research process.

With COVID-19 currently disrupting treatment and procedures for cancer patients everywhere, the study will showcase how advocacy groups, research partners, and—most importantly—patients can continue to move the ball forward by taking control of their data to make important decisions for their care. Using that data, Ciitizen and will help patients understand treatment patterns while demonstrating the power of patient-driven research to the healthcare industry as a whole.

After two decades of providing information and support for patients entirely online, has helped move advocacy into the digital age by offering medically-vetted content, including easy translation of scientific research, information about new treatment options and therapies, and an online forum where more than 270,000 members come together to discuss everything from the financial cost of care to managing side effects of treatment. Like Ciitizen, believes that patient-controlled data in a digital format is the key to moving medicine and technology into a more personalized era. 

With the Metastatic Breast Cancer Insight Study, we’re asking 100 or more metastatic breast cancer patients to help us gain a broader understanding of their treatments in order to contrast with other patient experiences. Whereas most cancer studies of this type rely on patient information that is either donated or purchased in bulk, the Metastatic Breast Cancer Insight Study is unique because the data will be provided by patients, for patients, and on behalf of patients with metastatic breast cancer. Participating is easy. Simply sign up for a Ciitizen profile, request your medical records with the click of a button, and consent to share your health data for research purposes only. 

Once we’ve received authorization, Ciitizen will immediately set to work collecting all medical records on their behalf, doing the heavy-lifting of the retrieval process so that patients can continue focusing on their care and well-being. With such an incredible partner in working alongside us, we’re certain that metastatic breast cancer patients can be the galvanizing force that moves research forward, while gaining control of their health data to get the best care possible.

Learn more about Ciitizen’s partnership with and find information about the Metastatic Breast Cancer Insights Study here.

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