Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation’s 2020 Annual Conference

Calendar Icon July 21, 2020
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By Ciitizen

Announcing Ciitizen’s Participation in the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation’s 2020 Annual Conference

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) is going virtual this year for its annual conference, spanning three days this week, from July 22nd through 24th. At Ciitizen, we’re looking forward to dialing into the conference’s exciting programming and will host a virtual booth for conference attendees to learn more about Ciitizen, ask questions, and engage with our platform!

At the conference, Ciitizen’s Deven McGraw (Chief Regulatory Officer) and Sophia Cornew (Director of Partnerships) will give a presentation to show how Ciitizen protects patient data privacy, give an overview of the Ciitizen platform, and highlight some exciting initiatives that we are partnering on with CCF and their patient community. 

The Ciitizen and CCF teams are proud to announce two exciting updates about our partnership and offerings for cholangiocarcinoma patients!

  1. The Real World Genomics Study: 
    • Together, CCF and Ciitizen have launched the Real World Genomics study to research real-world trends and treatment patterns in biomarker testing for cholangiocarcinoma patients. The study is actively recruiting patients who are interested in sharing their medical data to advance cholangiocarcinoma research.
    • To participate in this study, all you need to do is sign up for a Ciitizen account, request your medical records, and consent to share your data for the study.
    • You can learn more about the Real World Genomics study by watching this webinar that CCF and Ciitizen hosted in June when the study was first announced.
    • Since launching last month, we’ve nearly hit our goal of 100 participants! We’re so close. If you haven’t yet joined Ciitizen and contributed to this important research, sign up here to help reach this goal!
  2. Clinical Trial Matching: 
    • Ciitizen is excited to leverage new capabilities to help cholangiocarcinoma patients identify clinical trials that they are eligible for in their area, powered by their complete medical records securely stored in their Ciitizen profiles.
    • Coming soon, Ciitizen’s new clinical trial matching tool will allow cholangiocarcinoma patients to use their Ciitizen profiles to discover clinical trials that may be a good fit for them, and power a conversation with their oncologist about clinical trial opportunities.

If you haven’t registered for CCF’s 2020 Annual Conference, it’s not too late! Register today to join the conference live and get access to the video recordings. Click here to learn more about Ciitizen and CCF’s partnership and sign up for Ciitizen.

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